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Updated: Jul 15

We help your brand grow with labels which are uniquely yours.

Wash/ Care Labelling

Why Branded Wash/Care Labels are vital to a Brand's Success?

Care/Wash Labels are a great place to try and learn a bit more about the brand you are buying from. Since you're producing sustainably premium quality goods, you're going to want to show your customers this. While eco-labels such as Fairtrade, or GOTS certified are helpful indicators, many brands are going beyond these stamps to create unique and informative labels that help tell their stories - and emphasize their brand image while using this simple method.

The most certain way to produce Genuine Merchandise for your Brand is to add labels to your garments. Care Labels or Wash Labels add to your Brand Authenticity by showcasing your chosen fabric blend/fabric content, logo, and washing instructions. Care Labels can be placed on the neckline or inside the body of the garment. Care Labelling can also be substituted for a Screen Print Label.

Brand/ Woven Labelling

Why Branded Woven Labels are vital to a Brand's Success?

In essence, your brand identity is who you are as a business. It encompasses everything about your company – from your logo and company colors, to your business ethos, your products and services. Your brand identity tells people not only who you are, but what they can expect from you. It relays your business message, and can even encourage people to buy your products.

When it comes to making a purchase, buyers expect to see some evidence of brand identity, whether it’s on the packaging or in the form of a branded label.

Branded labels can be produced in many shapes and sizes; Center Fold, No Fold, End Fold, Mitre Fold. Woven labels are the most common and subtle way of creating Brand Identity. Cleverly placed woven labels can make the difference between a garment looking "cheap" versus creating a trusted and recognizable product.

Beauty lies in the details. Give your customers an experience of your brand with little details which are unforgettable.

Hang Tags/ Swing Tags

Why are Hang Tags vital to a Brand's success?

In the clothing and fashion industry many customers make purchases based on the image a product or brand projects. Once you have your customers' attention you have to demonstrate why your product matches their personal image and lifestyle. In a world of similar products, hang tags create exceptional value and are a great way to separate your products from your competitors and position your brand in a positive light to motivate sales.

UPC Barcoding

UPCs are Universal Product Codes used to provide your garments and styles a unique purchasing code for keeping track of inventory and adding authenticity to your goods. UPCs are mostly used by retailers in shops as a way to identify individual products and pricing. UPCs must be registered before they can be produced or placed on a hang tag.

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