Updated: Jul 14

From organically sourcing to milling and producing high quality garments, Six Label Ltd prides itself in being a full -service apparel manufacturer providing one-stop solution to all the fashion brands globally.

It all starts with sourcing high-quality raw materials. To provide you with the garments which your customers will love, Six Label Ltd sublimes yarn selection and offers zero compromises in its raw materials quality. Let’s not forget that Bangladesh is a global leader in possessing the finest yarn selections around the world.

To ensure the quality, the fabric is processed through several stages to ensure consistency in its feel and look. Sustainable processing dyes and chemicals are used at all stages ensuring top finishing.

Fabric Capabilities

We are capable of producing, Cross Developing any kind of fabrics as per requirements. From basics like cotton-like gingham and broadcloth, knit fabrics such as jersey and spandex, plush f

abrics including fleece and Minky, as well as sheer fabrics like chiffon and georgette, we strive to give best to our customers.

  • Knit Fabric

  • Stretch Fabric

  • Water Repellent & Resistant Apparel Fabric

Fabric finishes enhancing the feel and drape of fabrics which involves the addition of sizing, weighting, fulling, pilling and softening agents, which may be either temporary or permanent. Six Label Ltd constantly develops and improves it manufacturing process to control shrinkage, new resin finishes, and new heat-sensitive synthetic fibers.

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